Below we present the proposed topics of lectures:

''Let's break down 'sales', meaning sales as a key skill in the life of every human being.''

''SMART and SMARTER methodology as the basis of a salesperson and manager's workshop.''

''What can we learn from animals and use in business?''

''The chemical brain as the main decision-maker of every interpersonal relationship.''

''Why do I think that motivation is an artificial creation?''

''How can the knowledge of the daily cycle help you in business?''

''What is the difference between a manager and a leader?''

''Role of senses and non-verbal communication in life and business.''

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We run lectures in
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The time of occurrence depending on the topic is: 1-2 hours.
The description and key points discussed during the lecture will be presented after sending the form with a question.
If you have a specific topic – write to us, see if the topic lies within our competence!

To order a lecture, contact us!