MY4D - short for My 4th Dimension -
both in your daily life as well as in business.

Have you ever heard of
4th Dimension before?

MY4D – short for My 4th Dimension – both in your daily life as well as in business.


The thought behind MY4D

There comes a certain moment in your life when you start trusting yourself more than others.
You keep on learning and developing; you accustom yourself with new theories, paths, and tools. You meet many people that inspire you, or who you view as leaders, teachers and mentors. Simultaneously, your ability to listen to yourself becomes the greatest asset you have. You follow your own path, where you experience and realise the truth, which only belongs to you.
As you grow more experienced, you realise that your ambitions keep on growing as well. There are less things you “must” do or “have” to do.
If you have reached that point in your life, then it probably means that you keep a keen eye on yourself: your desires, emotions, feelings, and how your body reacts. You are observant of your inner self. You have surely realised, that you are taking part in an endless process of facing experiences and changes.
You are aware that the influence you hold over what happens to you is enormous.
You want to take up the responsibility for yourself and for the wellbeing of your mind and body every single day.
If the above is true to you, then perhaps the idea of the 4th Dimension might spark your interest. The 4th Dimension is a proprietary method based on my own experiences that allows you to manage your most valuable resource – your life energy – and, therefore, bring your life into a balanced state. To me, reaching that state is synonymous to achieving success on many different levels: in your private, social, family and business lives. You are still the same person… even if the roles you play on all of these levels are different.
Your efficiency is proportional to the energy you have.

I invite you to discover your 4th Dimension!

Katarzyna Warelis
duet MY4D

MY4D is a one-of-a-kind project...

created by a synergistic, multigenerational duo!

What makes us special?

Biological aspects of human beeing

(body intelligence) are behind the success on any level of human activity (e.g. business or private life).

Proprietary project

it was developed with a holistic approach on the foundation of thorough scientific and business knowledge, further reinforced by many years of observing and experiencing.


we have a holistic approach to managing one’s energy.

Our team is synergistic

generation X and Y – seemingly so different, yet incredible when working together.

Synergistic conjoining of qualifications

allowing us to comprehensively approach the project by having a wider scope of services which we provide.


Training sessions

All sessions are carried out in the spirit of the 4th Dimension and are supported by years of experience, business & scientific knowledge.


Check out our suggested lecture subjects
reach out to us, if you have a specific subject of your own in mind!

Business consulting

Check out our main areas of expertise! We are more than sure that we can give you a hand in these matters, and help you tackle your challenges.

Are you an entrepreneur?

We will teach you how to build a strong brand image (product, company or your personal brand), help you develop a marketing strategy, build a sales plan, introduce your brands to new markets and identify areas of improvement, so you can develop them and elevate your business to a whole new level.

Are you a manager or a leader?

Then you are responsible not only for yourself but also for your team. We will focus on your management skills, style, and means to establish your authority. The sales process occurs everywhere, where humans interact with each other. As a leader, you must become authentic in order to earn your team’s trust and respect to have them follow you. We will provide you with useful means to achieve this.

Are you a salesperson?

Then you must surely know, that selling is not only a key business skill, but it also comes in very handy in your private life. Stand out from the crowd by learning the SMART methodology, the psychological, and, most importantly, biological aspects of conducting sales. You will not only sell more, but will also be able to stay in the field for many more years without feeling burned out.

Are you a partner or
a parent?

Is your job a tough business? We will show you how to manage your energy and achieve the work-life balance, so you always have the time, energy and thoughts to build relationships with your family after hours.