MY4D’s Philosophy

With every passing year, the pace at which we live increases… Developing technologies, countless stimuli, an overwhelming amount of information and daily chores are not making our lives easier. We are often tired, frustrated and miserable. More often, we do not have any influence on the changing world and our closest environment. What we can influence, however, is ourselves: our overall well-being and the quality of our lives. It is your personal responsibility to initiate the process of change by developing yourself in a comprehensive manner, and learning how to manage your energy in the most optimal way. The most valuable resource in your life is energy. The main ingredient in the recipe for achieving desired results is inside of you.

You can manage your capacity across three different areas:





 Did you know, that changing the amount of energy spent on any one of them is interdependent with the others, just like a liquid is stored in communicating vessels?

Switching the amount of energy in one area affects the remaining two. If you weaken your body by skipping breakfast or working out too hard, you will not have enough energy left to think on your feet. Having fostering beliefs and thoughts, on the other hand, improves your body’s biochemical state. By being so focused on developing our minds, we have disregarded the fact that we are still a part of nature and are bound by its laws, just like every other living being. Not listening to your body and the signals it gives you can be extremely dangerous and could cause you to burn out, become depressed, dysfunctional or become ill. Devoting a part of your time to work on your body is an absolute necessity and a foundation for your development. You can max out your capacity both in private and in business lives: only then  you distribute your energy in a harmonic manner across all three areas, discovering your 4th Dimension along the way.

The 4th Dimension is a balanced state that only you can tell you are in. It is the feeling of being in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people. You feel calm, happy, fulfilled; you are passionate about living and working, and you are fully devoted to doing so. You are fully aware of what is beneficial to you.

This is a temporary state since both your body and you do not stay idle; everything is dynamically fluctuating. You can discover how to access the 4th Dimension more often, or for as long as possible, through utilising the right knowledge, tools and by being mindful of yourself. It is not possible to live your life on a big, single charge. The journey of self-discovery and finding your way must be continuous.

MY4D, short for My 4th Dimension, is a proprietary project with a holistic approach built on the foundation of thorough scientific and business knowledge, further reinforced by many years of observing and experiencing. It will allow you to select the tools that are best designed for you, the way you are living, or your job profile.
Katarzyna Warelis autorka

Katarzyna Warelis

The Propagator of the 4th Dimension in your daily life as well as in business.
She has authored many proprietary training programmes, including:
  • 4th Dimension in Sales
  • 4th Dimension in Management and Leadership
  • Women in Business & Life
  • My 4th Dimension